Vaccine clinical trials with RNA-Sequence endpoints to measure gene expression

- Lessons Learned

Johannes Goll

RNA-Sequencing (RNA-Seq) revolutionizes how researchers explore gene expression, offering deep insights into immune system activations post-vaccination. Nonetheless, its complexity demands sophisticated statistical and computational expertise, and its high costs necessitate meticulous experimental planning for budget efficiency.

This webinar will share our insights from supporting vaccine clinical trials using RNA-Seq to analyze gene expression from blood, PBMC, or specific immune cells across various timepoints. We'll cover experiences from multiple trials, including design, analysis, results, and lessons on timepoint and cell type selection, optimizing parameters, and avoiding pitfalls, invaluable for those involved in pre-clinical vaccine development or clinical trials.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Best practices for RNA-Seq as part of pre-clinical vaccine development
  • Design considerations to save cost in RNA-Seq experiments
  • Expert tips in supporting vaccine clinical trials with RNA-Seq endpoints
  • How to avoid common pitfalls in several types of vaccine trials

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