The Rare Disease Patient Experience

 Eve Wallace and Christine McSherry

This webinar dives into the nuances of rare disease studies, leveraging the experiences of our Clinical Project Management and Patient Caregiver Director. You'll gain insights into the challenges faced by participants, caregivers, and families, and learn how misalignments in clinical trials can impact outcomes. Our experts will explore how strategic planning by sponsors and CROs can enhance clinical study success. You'll come away with a deeper understanding of the specific needs of rare disease participants and Emmes' participant-centered approach in every clinical trial we undertake.

Key Learning Objectives

  • How can thoughtful planning from the sponsor and CRO maximize the operational success of a clinical study?
  • The panel will discuss how aspects of study design, communication with stakeholders, patient recruitment, and retention strategies can all contribute to successful clinical trial delivery.
  • Rare disease studies require a unique and tailored approach; the panel will give examples of how this can be incorporated into planning your next clinical trial.
  • Sites and investigators are geographically challenged, not as many specialists for disease/disorders, and participants often need to travel to the site.

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